marc thaddaeus suess

Creative director & Entrepreneur.

Shaping a human-centered digital future.

I am creative director and entrepreneur from Hamburg. My mission is to shape our digital future human-centered. I am passionate innovation, future trends and good design. I have studied media design and innovation management and worked for over eight years in communications, advertising and as freelance creative director. Today I focus on holistic design solutions, content strategies and brand management. You can find more about me on LinkedIn or Xing.

recent projects

Gravitales GmbH

Design & Innovation company

Gravitales is a design- and innovation company. Our roots are in design, digital technology, marketing and innovation management. We combine these disciplines in digital product development and as an innovation think tank for companies, agencies and startups. As CEO and Creative Director of Gravitales I am responsible for communication strategies, brand management and design concepts.

smart chatbot assistent

Sigmund Talks is the intelligent assistant for content marketing. He'll help you create great content, from the first idea you type up from a restaurant napkin to the final draft before publication. As a chatbot he combines intuitive operation with a unique text editor and smart templates. With Sigmund you can create better content in half the time. Let's talk things through …

social news app for business

The echogramm is the social news app for companies. 

The app aggregates and curates the best and most important content, trending topics and news for your business. So you can cope with the information flood and keep up with the digital world. All you need to stay up to date in one place.

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